What is a micro market?

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What is a micro market?

Total Café’s micro market is an unmanned store featuring a customizable menu of fresh food, healthy snacks, meals, and beverages to purchase at a kiosk right in your very own office breakroom! Our sales team works with your company to choose the right set up for your breakroom needs. Then our install team travels to your location and sets up a micro market in just one day, followed with a grand opening for your employees to learn more about their new market!

Below is an example of what our micro markets have to offer!

Fresh Food Coolers – We supply your breakroom with fresh food coolers that carry healthy and traditional items such as salads, sandwiches, breakfast items, editable cookie dough, cheese sticks, pickle slices, and much more.

Food Coolers

Drink Coolers – We install drink coolers that contain a wide assortment of beverages to choose from. These drink coolers range from full sized coolers that carry an extensive selection of your favorite brands, to smaller coolers that are made to carry specific brands such as monster, Red Bull, and Starbucks coffee.

Drink Coolers

Snack Section – Over on the wall, we put up a large display of snack items with items such as chips, pretzels, nuts, oatmeal and much more for your selection.

Snack Wall 2

Kiosk’s – After you browse our markets and select your item, you can make your way over to one of our self-service kiosks to make your purchase.

Kiosk 2


There are 6 different ways you can pay on our kiosk machines!

1. Cash – To use cash you will need a market card. Simply add cash to your market card by scanning your card and selecting the “add cash” button. This way, your left-over balance will be stored on your card to use at a different time. If you would like the balance of your market card returned in money, contact our customer service team for assistance.

2. Market Card – Add money to your market card with cash or your debit card. Once the money is loaded you will only have to scan your card to purchase an item. Remember, using your market card gives you a savings of 10 cents per item!

3. Debit Card – Swipe your card at the kiosk to pay or add money to your account.

4. Credit Card – Swipe your card at the kiosk to pay or add money to your account.

5. Thumbprint – After you register your thumbprint at the kiosk, you will have an option to select “Pay with Thumbprint” when checking out.

6. Mobile Pay – Our kiosks accept Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay. Simply hold your phone up to the card reader for our kiosk to read your phone.


Interested in a micro market of your own?

We proudly provide service to Detroit and the surrounding cities of Allen Park, Ann Arbor, Belleville, Canton, Farmington Hills, Livonia, Novi, Southfield, Troy, Westland, Wixom, Ypsilanti, and all of Southeastern Michigan.

Contact us to schedule a time for a FREE lunch featuring our fresh and healthy options. We are happy to meet with up to 5 people in your office to discuss if Total Cafe is the right solution for your company!

Call: 734-427-3510        Text: 734-743-1334       Email: support@totalvend.com

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