Our site got a facelift! | Benefits of a website refresh

Our site got a facelift! | Benefits of a website refresh

We are proud to launch our newly redesigned website!

Great customer service is at the top of our priority list. That is why it is important to us that each individual, whether it be a new or existing customer, a prospective employee, or a curious web surfer, has a great experience on our site.
We streamlined our site making it easier to find information and get in contact with us so we can provide you with exactly what you need. To do this we focused on the 3 benefits of a website refresh below:

•      Adding fresh content:Our old website had content that needed to be updated and was stagnant in terms of new material. We wanted to give customers something new and exciting when coming back to the site. Adding that fresh content allows us to make sure our business is always accurately represented online. It also improves search engine optimization so we can find more businesses to partner with to provide a better Total breakroom experience!

•     Streamlining the design: There were two main factors that we wanted to cover when updating the design; usability and functionality. Our old website was not organized in a way that felt easy for a new customer to navigate. Creating a main page where our three main services are displayed as the first thing you see, helped us achieve this goal. We simplified the rest of the website by keeping each link to one page. This way all the information you need is easily accessible and only a about a click away. Updating the functionality of the site was just as important as its usability. With the fast pace environment of technology, having a website that is accessible by any device is vital. Updating links and creating a website that functions properly allows us to keep up with our audience’s expectations.

•     Updating our call to action: Getting in contact with new customers is how we keep our business thriving! Our old call to action did not fit our new theme of usability. That is why we updated our call to action in efforts to give our customers an easy way to follow through with the next step of contacting us. Making this simple improvement can make a huge difference in turning a visitor into our next customer.

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