FIVE Tips for Creating a Break Room that Boosts Employee Morale

FIVE Tips for Creating a Break Room that Boosts Employee Morale

ONE: Create a relaxing atmosphere.

When employees take a break from work, they want to relax! This can be hard to do when you are sitting at your desk surrounded by work that needs to get done. To succeed in giving your employees an escape, they need to feel like they are taking a break from their work. Start by filling your break room with comfortable furniture such as cozy couches and accessible coffee tables. Surround the area with table or floor lamps instead of using the fluorescent lighting.

TWO: Offer break room activities.

Offer fun things to do in your break room. You can purchase a simple board game for employees to play together or go all out and buy a ping pong table! A TV is a nice addition to the room as long as it’s not too loud. Reading materials such as books, newspapers and magazines offer employees a way to disconnect from the digital world and let their eyes take a break from the screen.

THREE: Bring in pops of color.

The drab colors of the office can start to feel monotonous after a while. Turn up the color in your break room! Use neutral hues on the wall and add pops of colors through pillows, art and furniture. If you investigate the psychology of color, you will learn that your color surroundings may be influencing your emotions and state of mind! For example, blue is known to bring calmness, serenity, wisdom and loyalty, while orange is more known for energetic, happy, and exciting vibes.

FOUR: Use the break room as a place to communicate.

Most would agree, team building is essential for creating a good working atmosphere. Use your break room as a space for employees to get to know each other. Use a layout that encourages dialogue. Add places for communication such as a large cork board where you can post items such as company events, job openings, inspirational messages and anything else you want your employees to see!

FIVE: Offer a wide selection of snack and beverage choices with Total Vend!

Many employees appreciate companies that supply food and beverages. To start the day off right, we recommend our coffee service that provides a variety of coffee flavors and a selection of tea. For break time snacks or lunches our Total Café features a customizable menu of fresh food, healthy snacks, meals, and beverages to purchase at a kiosk right in your very own office break room! Break time is made more efficient, because employees won’t have to leave to find items that they are craving, or to grab a healthy bite to eat. It is a no cost solution to upgrade your break room!

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