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Place a Coffee Service Resupply Order

If you’re one of our existing customers, ordering a resupply of your favorite coffees, teas, sodas and supplies is easier than ever.  Simply fill-out this order form below and once you click “Send,” your order will be immediately added to our delivery schedule.  Or, if you prefer the human interaction, you may also call our office at 734-427-3510 to speak with one of our customer service team and we will take your order over the phone.  We look forward to fulfilling your coffee and beverage (and even popcorn) needs!


Please enter the number of cases.
Regular Coffees - 40 bags per case

Colombian (our finest)

Maxwell House® Master Blend


Decaffinated Coffees - 35 bags per case

Colombian Blend Premium Decaf (naturally decaffeinated)

Folgers® Decaf

Specialty Coffee

Hazelnut - 24 Bags


Regular - 11 oz. canister

Lite - 11 oz. canister

Regular - Case of 12/11oz. canisters

Lite - Case of 12/11oz. canisters

Liquid cream cups - 180 count

Flavored Creamer - 15 oz. canister


French Vanilla

Liquid flavored cream cups - 200 count

French Vanilla

Irish Crème



Lipton® Premium - 100 bags

Lipton® Decaf - 72 bags


Raspberry Royale

Green Tea

Earl Grey

Cinnamon Apple

Constant Comment

English Tea Time

Orange Spice

Lemon Lift

8 Flavor Assortment Pack - 64 Bags


Sturdy 20 oz. canister

Case of 24 - 20 oz. canisters

2,000 individual packets

Low Calorie Sweeteners

Sweet'N Low® - 400 packets

Equal® (Nutrasweet) - 100 packets

Splenda® - 500 packets

Swiss Miss® Hot Cocoa

Regular Hot Cocoa - 50 envelopes per box

Sugar-Free Hot Cocoa - 24 envelopes per box

Mini Marshmallows - 50 envelopes per box

Lipton® Cup-A-Soup

Chicken Noodle - 22 packets per box

Act II® Premium Microwave Popcorn

Case of 36 (3.5 oz. bags)


Butter Lite

Cold Beverages

Case of 24 - 12 oz. cans

Coca Cola®

Diet Coke®


Dr. Pepper®

Diet Dr. Pepper®

Pepsi Cola®

Diet Pepsi®

Mountain Dew®

Diet Mountain Dew®


Diet Vernors®

Country Time® Lemonade (no deposit)

Lipton® Iced Tea (no deposit)

Diet 7-Up®

Dasani® Water

Case of 24 -20 oz. plastic bottles

Ocean Spray® Juice

Case of 12 - 16 oz. bottles



Rub Red Grapefruit


Strawberry Kiwi


Case of 24 - 11.5 oz. each

Miscellaneous Supplies
Replacement Glass Pots

Regular pot

Decaf (orange) pot

Plastic Pour Pitcher

Liquid Pot Cleaner - 12 oz. bottles

Foam Cups

Dart Brand - 1,000 count per case

8 oz. cups

12 oz. cups

Lids, Foam

8 oz. lids

12 oz. lids

Plastic Products

Stir Sticks - 1,000 count per box

Utensils - 1,000 count per case




Paper Products

Roll Towels - 30 rolls per case

Kleenex® Tissue - case of 36 boxes

C-Fold Towels - 2,400 count

Premium Large Napkins - 500 count

Paper Hot Cups

8 oz. cup with handle - 1,000 count

8 oz. cup without handle - 2,000 count

Paper Plates

6 inch plate - 1,000 count

9 inch plate - 1,200 count

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