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Our Totally Fresh Fruit Program

TV_APPLE_LOGOWhat could be better for employee morale than healthy options in your vending machines? How about fresh fruit on demand?  Introducing the Total Vending Totally Fresh Fruit Program, just one more part of our Total Wellness efforts for our customers.

With our Totally Fresh Fruit Program, your organization will receive a basket with assorted seasonal fruits on a schedule set by you.  Whether you need a daily delivery or a weekly refresh, your people will love the availability of fresh fruit to augment their own healthy lifestyle choices.

Healthy Choices Start With Healthy Options

TVC_GRAPESWe all know that there are real benefits from promoting healthier lifestyles in our organizations.  But it’s not enough to promote healthy habits in the workplace.  If you really want your people to succeed in adopting healthier habits, the smart money is on delivering more opportunities to be healthy.  It’s difficult to choose an apple over a candy bar when no apple is available.  With our Totally Fresh Fruit Program you can count on our team to bring your team the fruit they need to stick with their healthy lifestyles commitment. 




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