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Introducing the Total Cafe!


When it comes to traditional vending, there really isn’t much reason to get excited.  But what if you could convert your boring break room and tired old vending machines into an attractive, customized company store?  Now you can with our revolutionary way to serve up healthy fruit, salads and sandwiches along with traditional vending options!


Total Cafe: The Vending Solution That Feels Like a Company Store!

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With Total Cafe, you can turn your vending area into a full-fledged company store.  Our Total Cafe offers much greater flexibility in what products can be offered because they aren’t restricted to one-size-fits-all product slots.  Your employees will suddenly have access to a break room oasis with traditional and healthier options complete with nutritional information to help everyone make informed snacking decisions.

With a wider array of product offerings and a clean, unique and custom environment, our Total Cafe delivers a value that goes far beyond simple snacking convenience.  Total Cafe offers your employees greater choices and delivers the message that you’re working to create a healthy alternative.

In your Total Café you’ll find fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit, and lots of healthy snack and beverage options. Our route merchandisers will come to your location as often as daily to restock products and ensure your café is running smoothly. And best of all, we’ll install your new Total Café at NO COST to you!

With our Total Cafe, you’ll get…

  • Expanded product availability including several healthy product options not typically available in “old-school” vending machines
  • Convenient, secure and cashless 24/7 access to all products and services
  • Access to our proprietary, online daily nutritional analysis program
  • Easy online product request system
  • No cost set-up and installation of services (all we need is an internet connection!)
  • Can be crafted to fit within your unique break room space

Ready to get started or want to learn more? Just fill out this simple form and a Total representative will contact you right away.

Enjoy a FREE lunch on us!

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Learn more about our Total Cafe by seeing one in action! Simply contact Total and one of our consultants will schedule a time to meet with up to five people in your office so you can see if this is that right solution for your company.  And to thank you for your interest and time, we’ll provide lunch!





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