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Healthy Vending Programs

TV_HEALTHY_IMAGEAll of us know about the benefits of eating healthier.  But the reality is that for most people, healthy food options are more expensive, and generally less convenient that the more readily available junk foods we choose for snacks.

What makes matters worse is that even when healthy convenience foods are available, they’re simply “not as good” as the stuff we’re used to eating.

Today there is a better way to help your people get the healthy foods they want, without sacrificing the convenience and affordability that all of us need.  It’s called Total Wellness from Total Vending.

Your ideas about Healthy Vending are about to change!

TV_APPLE_LOGOWith Total Vending’s Total Wellness program, we help our customers deliver healthy snack and food options with all of the convenience and great taste you demand.  Our account representatives can help you craft a custom healthy vending program that satisfies your customers’ need for healthy options without busting their budget.

With our Total Wellness program, you can

    • Choose what products will be offered
    • See comparisons for calories, fat and sugar
    • Help educate your consumers about the benefits of healthier lifestyles

Boost customer morale with our Total Wellness Healthy Vending programs!

TV_HEALTH_Depositphotos_6669155_originalAs with any buying experience, vending still has to supply the consumer with options that they want.  Few people will argue that when you’re in need of a snack, one thing that can wreck your day is to encounter vending machines with “nothing that looks good.”  The fact is, your customers will simply assume that your organization is in charge of selecting the products (you are) and that the lack of “good choices” means that you’re just not interested in their needs.

But you can turn that customer experience right around with our Total Wellness Healthy Vending Programs.  Offering a greater selection of affordable, high quality and satisfying products not only changes the make up of your vending inventory, it will change how your people feel about your organization!


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