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Totally Cutting Edge Technology

Our commitment to customer service is unmatched by any of our competitors.  When an issue with your vending arises, you not only want it handled yesterday, but you likely wish it were handled by “someone else.”  We understand, and it’s the reason why Total Vending has continually invested in the latest and greatest technology for our customers and the people they serve.

TV_sliderImage_2Who carries change these days?

We never could have predicted that our society would move increasingly towards cashless payment systems when we first introduced our card reader-enabled machines.  Total Vending has insisted on card-reader enabled machines ever since they could be counted on for reliable operation because of the convenience they offer to our customers.  You’ll hear a whole lot less of “that machine ate my quarter” and that means a dramatic reduction in the number of refund requests and complaints.

Today, with fewer people carrying dollars and change than at any point in our country’s history, these card readers are not just cutting edge, they’re essential to offering the convenience that your people demand.

Your vending machine can text?

Who ever heard of vending machines with a customer service number or the ability to text and email?  Well, our machines are not that clever (yet) but they’re close.  With the Total Vending “Talk To Us” customer service communication options, should your people ever have a negative vending experience, they have several ways to reach out to our customer service team, leaving you to continue with your day in peace.

TV_talktouslogo_2 Call: 734-427-3510
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