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Coffee You Will Love To Serve!

We’ve all been there.  You’re at work and there’s no time to run out to a coffee shop for a proper cup of coffee. Your only option? The dreaded “office coffee” that you’re pretty sure was made from grounds that were created for NASA’s space program back when we still sent people to the moon.  It’s old. It’s stale. And it’s what you put up with because it’s “free” and it’s there.



Say Goodbye To Your Old “Office Coffee” and Hello To Great Coffee!

coffee service, detroit coffee, office coffee, coffee deliveryTotal Vending has been delivering excellent coffee to our clients for over 30 years.  We know what it takes to deliver a quality cup of coffee that you’ll actually be proud to serve.  Gone are the days of offering coffee to a client or visitor to your company, secretly hoping that they’ll pass.  With Total Vending’s Total Coffee Program, you will get the equipment, the supplies and the coffee you need to keep your team, and your customers, coming back for more!

Sign up for our Total Coffee Program and you’ll get…

  • State of the art commercial coffee makers
  • Our (monthly) carafe cleaning service
  • Coffee you’ll love to serve
  • Supplies to fit your organization size

If you’re ready to find out what “office coffee” can really be, call Total Vending today at 734-427-3510 or visit our convenient sign up form to get your new coffee program started today!

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