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About Total Cafe, Vending, and Coffee

Incorporated in 1975, Total Vending is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. Our focus has always been: Be the best at giving each customer what they want.

This simple strategy has paid off in continuous growth. Our team serves over 500 customers and we add to their happy ranks on a monthly basis.  Our people are the key to our success and we treat them accordingly. All employees receive paid vacation, 401K plan and full health benefits.

We have a dedicated and hardworking team working to keep you happy. Employee performance is judged against customer satisfaction and our supervisors regularly inspect all locations and speak directly with customers as well as conduct surveys to assure complete satisfaction. They are always available to take product requests, issue refunds, or help with anything you might need. And they are constantly adjusting the products in your cafe to fit the likes and dislikes of your employees, assuring that each cafe is customized to their unique needs!

We are a proud supporter of Forgotten Harvest and other local charities. All of our unused products are donated to Forgotten Harvest for safe distribution to those in need.

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